We offer pleasant accommodation in a very quiet pension near horses. There are 4 apartments , sports field, playground, sauna , swimming pool, possibility after agreement of horse riding, training, possibility of fishing in the pond on our grounds, refreshments are a matter of course.
according to the tariff according to the number of persons,- apartment / night
Pronájem prostor

Premises rental

Organize a teambuilding, birthday party or a wedding at our place! We rent indoor and outdoor stylish premises for any occasion. We can prepare a refreshment, make a barbeque and take care of the following cleanup.
negotiated price


You will be accommodated in our cozy apartments
Sociální zařízení


The natural part of our apartments are modern bathrooms
Venkovní prostory

Outside premises

If you find yourself wanting a barbeque when accommodated or you plan to organize something bigger we can offer generous outside premises connected to inside room for a case of bad weather.
3000 CZK per day
Obecné informace při objednávce - schéma apartmánů

General informations when ordering - scheme of apartmans

Prices of apartments are determined according to the honor of the persons occupied in each apartment. Individual apartments and the number of people occupying the ordered apartment are always ordered. The apartments are 2 larger and 2 smaller according to the attached picture.

With more occupancy and longer periods, prices can be set individually.

1 person in apartment 700 CZK per night per apartment 700 CZK per person
2 people in apartment 1200 CZK per apartment 600 CZK per person
3 people in the apartment 1400 CZK per night per apartment 450 CZK per person
4 people in apartment 1600 CZK per night per apartment 400 CZK per person
5 people in apartment 2000 CZK night per apartment 400 CZK per person
6 people in apartment 2400 CZK per night per apartment 400 CZK per person
Each additional person CZK 400

It is possible to order additional food in the order. Breakfast is buffet style. Lunch and dinners are arranged in cooperation with a local restaurant. Provision of food and prices will be agreed by email.

Lounge booking


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Prices incl. VAT and town fees.

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Payment in cash on checkin

Price: 0 CZK

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  • Possible discount can be arranged for longer stays individually.
  • Each children older than 2 years is being counted as a person.
  • Check out until 10am, late check out or early check in (before 2pm) are possible by prior arrangement.
  • A cot will be lended after an individual arrangement.
  • Pets cannot be accomodated, smaller animals can be accomodated after prior arrangement.
  • Invoices for companies will be issued on site on request.

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Accomodation booking


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Prices incl. VAT

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Please note that EUR prices are indicative. Payments are accepted in CZK only.


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Take a ride on a horse! Connect your accommodation with an awesome experience and seeing world from a horses back. It does not matter wether it is winter or summer, wether you are an experienced rider or a complete begginer. We offer you a horse ride and be asured that there are plenty of beautiful tracks in our neighbourhood. It does not mind that you are not adventurous. You will without any doubt enjoy the ride from a carriage as well.


Stable your horses at our place and they will be in good hands. We have nice stables and a lot of outside paddock where the horses can pasture or take a run. The part of stabling is regular grooming and feeding. And of course you can see your horse any time you want.
negotiated price


We organize different horses contests...


We also just enjoy a lot of fun. Join us!
Vyjížďka na kočáru

Carriage ride

Less adventurous people or smaller children who are not ready yet to ride horse can go for a ride in a carriage.
1000 CZK- hour

Sports and relax

Sportovní hřiště,nohejbal,volejbal

sports field, football, volleyball

Use them when accommodated or just come and play.


Are you a passionate fisher? In that case you should see the fish we have in our pond!
negotiated price


Pleasant relaxation in the Finnish sauna.
400 CZK- hour price for operation of the whole sauna
Vyhřívaný koupací sud

Hot tub

It is ideal to load you into a barrel, more precisely to load you and your friends into a heated bathing barrel at the end of the day. And believe me, you won't want to quit and get out of the barrel.

The water in the barrel or bath tub is heated by the stove, which is indoor, ie under water and made of high-quality stainless steel.
300 Kč/h


Simple indoor gym with basic equipment.
60 Kč/h

Swiming pool

Possibility to use the outdoor heated pool with a cover from bad weather.
Possibility to use the outdoor heated pool with a cover from bad weather.


Koňské tábory

Horses camps

For children visiting elementary schools we organize 7 days horses camps. Children will learn basics of horses care, will participate in agility contest with horses and go out on a whole day trip on horses! And that is not all, look on next cards. Children will be accommodated in our pension for free.
6 000CZK
Celodenní výlet

Whole day trip

The part of our camp is a wholeday ride.
Péče o koně

Horses care

Children will learn basics of how to take care of horses
Originální trička

Original t-shirts

Children will paint original t-shirts as a memory
Ubytování na penzionu

Accommodation on our pension

Children will be accommodated on our local pension
Fill in the application
Child's initials
Initials of childs' legal representatives
(Parents will be emailed once a day about child's activities on the camp.)
(Name and telephone of the second parent)
(In case you will be out of reach when the camp takes place please enter a telephone contact on another eligible person or relative for a case of child's sickness or other incidents.)
Notice for appliers
Child gets registered for the camp after 1 500CZK advance on payment on account 225814830/0300. As a variable symbol please enter your phone number. (The advance can be returned only for serious reasons.) 4 500CZK - the rest of the payment will be paid in cash when the child comes to the camp. In case of insufficient camp capacity the key for registering child to the camp is the order of applications delivery times as seen by camp keepers. Children will be accommodated on the local pension.
By sending this application, you confirm that all of the entered information is correct and you agree with all conditions mentioned in this application. You also confirm that child does not require any individual care that could interrupt the daily program of the camp or could cause any serious problems for the camp keeper.<p><strong>Untrue information in the application can be a cause of an early finish of stay. The child will be returned to their parents on parents expense.</strong></p>


Contacts for JK Janovičky
JK Janovičky
Janovičky 22, Bohuňov 593 01, Česká republika
+420 739 096 110
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