We offer very nice accommodation in our calm pension near horses farm. There are 5 apartments for up to 6 persons available. Refreshments are a matter of course.
from 1200CZK apartment/night
Pronájem prostor

Premises rental

Organize a teambuilding, birthday party or a wedding at our place! We rent indoor and outdoor stylish premises for any occasion. We can prepare a refreshment, make a barbeque and take care of the following cleanup.
negotiated price


You will be accommodated in our cozy apartments
Sociální zařízení


The natural part of our apartments are modern bathrooms
Venkovní prostory

Outside premises

If you find yourself wanting a barbeque when accommodated or you plan to organize something bigger we can offer generous outside premises connected to inside room for a case of bad weather.
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Take a ride on a horse! Connect your accommodation with an awesome experience and seeing world from a horses back. It does not matter wether it is winter or summer, wether you are an experienced rider or a complete begginer. We offer you a horse ride and be asured that there are plenty of beautiful tracks in our neighbourhood. It does not mind that you are not adventurous. You will without any doubt enjoy the ride from a carriage as well.


Stable your horses at our place and they will be in good hands. We have nice stables and a lot of outside paddock where the horses can pasture or take a run. The part of stabling is regular grooming and feeding. And of course you can see your horse any time you want.
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We organize different horses contests...


We also just enjoy a lot of fun. Join us!
Vyjížďka na kočáru

Carriage ride

Less adventurous people or smaller children who are not ready yet to ride horse can go for a ride in a carriage.

Sports ground

Tenisové kurty

Tennis courts

Use them when accommodated or just come and play.


Are you a passionate fisher? In that case you should see the fish we have in our pond!
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Koňské tábory

Horses camps

For children visiting elementary schools we organize 7 days horses camps. Children will learn basics of horses care, will participate in agility contest with horses and go out on a whole day trip on horses! And that is not all, look on next cards. Children will be accommodated in our pension for free.
Celodenní výlet

Whole day trip

The part of our camp is a wholeday ride.
Péče o koně

Horses care

Children will learn basics of how to take care of horses
Originální trička

Original t-shirts

Children will paint original t-shirts as a memory
Ubytování na penzionu

Accommodation on our pension

Children will be accommodated on our local pension

Currently there are no camps terms available.


Contacts for JK Janovičky
JK Janovičky
Janovičky 22, Bohuňov 593 01, Česká republika
+420 739 096 110
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